« Autodream Group LTD» called further « Seller» on the one hand,
And firm or The physical person called further « Partner» on the other hand, in common called «»
Proceeding from the general aspiration to the maximum maintenance of mutual guarantees,
Expressing a sameness of views and positions in questions of bilaterial cooperation,
Considering interest in association of efforts on achievement of overall aims,
Have agreed as follows:


1.1 « Partner» renders marketing services « Seller» making necessary for this action.
1.2 For performance of the above-stated services « Seller» must to pay « Partner» compensation agrees with the concluded contracts.
1.3 Present Agreement  regulates  the mutual relations of the Parties connected with the organization of purchase and sale, vehicle delivery,
Registration of necessary documents connected with the data economic mutual relation at which each of the parties carries out strictly certain actions.
1.4 Present Agreement defines the general principles of interaction of the Parties.


2.1 « Partner» with a view of execution of the present Agreement will organize and carries out:
  represents interests «Seller» at mutual relations with « Buyer»;
  carries out sale of a vehicle by means of online rates,     using confidential passwords « Seller» in territory of the USA.
2.2 « Seller» with a view of realization of the present Agreement incurs following duties:
  to carry out loading and Vehicle delivery, further « ТС» makes export and customs papers in the established form;
  carries out delivery « ТС» « Buyer» in the terms established by the schedule according to terms of delivery.


3.1 Sums of money on account of payment « Buyer» « ТС» arrive on the settlement account « Seller».
3.2 « Seller» pays « Partner» причетающиеся to it of means in US dollars, minus defined compensation,
Noted in the Appendix 1 to the given agreement
3.3 Sums of money are enlisted « Seller» on the settlement account « Partner» monthly not later than 25th day of current month
Or last leaves a difference to itself(himself) at the moment of transfer of money resources for the bought car.


4.1 To the mutual   Agreement   the Parties changes can be made to the present Agreement and additions which are made out
Additional agreements to the present Agreement,   the signed authorized representatives of the Parties.
4.2 Present Agreement can  be terminated on mutual Agreement  or    The one-sided order by written notification messages other Party not less than 30 (thirty) working days prior to date assumed
Dates of cancellation of the present Agreement.
4.3 Present Agreement Comes into force from the moment of acknowledgement on a site of that you are acquainted with it.