How to order

 How to order the car

- You analyze lots presented on the web site, choose the model and the price, or call us and submit your order to the manager
- To make an order for a choosed car, you have to sign the Deposit Agreement and transfer on our account the deposit in the amount of 20% of the price of the car, but not less than $ 1,000
- We participate in the auction and will try to buy the car. If the purchase does not take place (for example, someone paid for the car more than you), you agree to (update) your order, and we are acting in accordance with the previously agreed terms. At the same time you do not need to pay extra.
- If the vehicle is won in during three days, you will pay extra difference to the full value of the car, and we will deliver it, at your port (CIF) or the city, if it is in the delivery list on our website (CIP - when buying Car 3).
Also, we can give the temporarly loan for your purchased car. But it works just only before the your port of destination. It additionally costs 10% (interest for financing of our company). At the moment of the full payment after delivery in your port, we will make release on your car and send you by post the original documents.


Learn more about your order

On Americars web site you choose the car. It is necessary to make the payment deposit 20% of the price of the car before the auction, but not less than $ 1,000
WARNING!: You have to find your car in advance, and pay deposit
before the auction. This is necessary for the participation in the bidding, and you have not missed your lot.
20% is a deposit for participation in the auction. The deposit is a guarantee that if you will win the auction you will pay for the car.
If you purchased a new car from the US, Canada or the United Arab Emirates, then you are making 100% advance payment under the Contract of Sale and Purchase. Your deposit can be lose only in this case, if your car was won and the payment not was done.
If your maximum bid was outbid to another auction buyer, the purchase did not take place. In this case, you may use your deposit to buy another car.
If you do not want to continue next auctions, the deposit is returned in full amount minus the bank fees.

If the vehicle is won, then you will sign a Contract and within three days you will pay difference to the full value of the car.

The total cost of the car consists from the: price of the car, auction fee (start from $ 450 and more - it depends from the auction), towing in USA or Canada at the warehouse (see rates on web site in the category "Delivery"), fee of our company 5% from the price but not less than (from $ 300 motorcycles, limousines from $ 1,000, $ 500 cars), insurance (1.5% of the value of the car), shipping to the selected port (see rates in the category "Delivery"), sending documents and keys by post DHL (US $ 150). When you calculate any car with our calculator on website Americars, you will receive the right results

Use our calculator and check all shipping costs
ATTENTION! If, within three days from the auction date on our account
payment for car is not received, then you have to pay Late Payment for the Auction. Late Payment is 70 US dollars for first day and 100 US each next days.
If within seven days is not received payment for the car, then lot will be returned to the auction, and you lose your deposit (Your deposit will transferred at the auction for Relist Lot)

Towing of your car on our warehouse - it can takes 3 to 15 days (depending of the distance). On our warehouse, your car will be loading in container, and then sent to the port. Depending of the destination, time of the shipping in the ocean varies from two weeks to several months.

At moment of delivery in your port, you will receive a copies of the title for vehicle and copies of shipping documents -Dock receipt.

When the container with your car is delivered in your the port, you will receive all docs. For sending documents by post pays the client. These documents enough for customs and for register of your car.

If you decide to buy a new car from the US, Canada or the United Arab Emirates, you must to transfer 100% of payment.
Good Luck and Thank You!