Hello, which means \ "3 cars per container, Only 3 cars per container \"? I need one car only ... It means that I have to order 3 or it will come with a 2 other?
Hello, you order is one car and it comes with 2 others. If your car is expensive, you can order 1 container only for your car and your car will be alone. But you need to pay for all container.
Good afternoon! Please tell me when the car arrives at the port (Odessa) will have to pay more to the port? Or is this included all fees in your calculator? And how much will it cost delivery in Tiraspol? (If it is possible)
Hello! Our calculator makes calculation of the delivery of the car from the auction to the destination (on CIF, CIP - Incoterms). In each country, the various fees in the port.
About delivery of your car in Tiraspol, better ship it to the Germany, but it is possible ship to Odessa. We can give you contacts of the brokers in Odessa and they help organize the delivery of the car in your city, they will give you all their prices for the service.
Hello, I'm interested in cars which works in taxi - where can I find it? Thank you
Hello, you can find this cars on the site: http://nycitycab.com/Business/cabsforsalelist.aspx
Also, these cars you can find at auctions 2 and 3
I have read the category on your web site "How to order" and I do not understand the part: "the auction fee (from US $ 450 and more)"
Q: If I choose Dealers category, I am also obliged to pay the auction fees?
Thanks you! Andrew
Hello Andrew, the auction fee is necessary to pay only for auctions and the size of it depends on various factors, the price of the car, state US etc .. If the vehicle was purchased from the dealers, there is no auctions fee. Sometime dealers are taking the paper work fee - it payment for work with the documentation. As usually fees can be from 200 to 500 US dollars, but often the dealers can make discounts on their cars.
Hello! My question is: Now I am in the USA, and would like to send my car in Moldova.
But I would like to buy it out of the auction and use your company for the shipping. Can you help me? And is it possible to get the car for my father, or friend? Thank you!
Hello! Our company works in the international transport logistics. You can buy your cars and deliver it to our warehouse in New Jersey, Florida, Texas or California. You can also deliver your car to any of the our warehouses in Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. Then we will load your car in the container and will ship it. Your car can be received or your father or friend, but they need to have a power of attorney from you.
Hello, in United States the prices on cars include the taxes or not, and can the customs return the taxes, when the car was exported outside of the country, such as in Germany?
Hello! In North America, all vehicles are sold with the price of ready-to-export and taxes does not exist there before registering of your car. All States have their taxes.
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